Malpractice Insurance is another form of a liability policy designed especially for physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, dentists, therapists and even social workers.

Malpractice refers to negligence or omission in the treatment of a patient which may result in injury, even death of a patient.

When an insurance company agrees to underwrite the risk of malpractice they are accepting all risks including the legal defense costs involved.


Negligence suits are lengthy and difficult cases to prove, and equally lengthy and difficult to defend.

Most cases are heard by juries and both sides have to present adequate proof of negligence or lack thereof, including expert testimony.

These court approved, expert witnesses must have the education, experience and sufficient training in their respective field to be accepted as ‘experts’.


Should the case be adjudicated against the insured, the insurance company will be liable for the damages: compensatory and punitive which will have to be paid to the plaintiff.


Statistics indicate that less than 20% of these malpractice suits received compensation.